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This 2.5-million-gallon Dolphin Habitat is home to a family of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Its purpose is to provide a healthy and nurturing environment for dolphins, as well as to educate the public about marine mammals and their environment - including their role in the ecosystem.

Four connected pools, an artificial coral reef system and sandy bottom replicate the dolphins' natural environment. Most of the dolphins were born here; the remaining few were relocated from other facilities.

The Dolphin Habitat is both an educational and research facility. We host educational programs for students from kindergarten through university age. Guided tours for the public are conducted throughout the day.

Painting With The Dolphins Painting With The Dolphins Painting With The Dolphins

Collaborate with one of our bottlenose dolphins as you both create a unique masterpiece of your very own! You will receive your work of art, certificate, and photo of your experience.
Available at 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. daily
Price: $199 (Admission included)
*Maximum of 2 participants per time slot. Must be 8 years old or older.

To book your artistic endeavor, book online, call 702.792.7889 or visit the Ticket Booth.

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Bottlenose Dolphins
Echolocation Lesson
Dolphin Facts
Trainer for a Day

Guests see the dolphins in a naturalistic environment, exhibiting natural behaviors. Research is conducted under the guidance of the Dolphin Care Specialists.

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Trainer For A Day program
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